Dear Mr. Lloyd,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what an awesome tool the Root Rat is. I was in a crawl space with little room to work. I could not get a sewer machine in there to clean the line. I was by myself and there was no safe way to get at the line. I had tried the Root Rat the night before in a different line, and I was totally disappointed, and was actually going to call and ask for my money back. After working on the line I could not get my sewer machine up to, in a crawl space for four hours with my jetter, I went back into my trailer and came up with a new plan of attack. I figured I would try the Root Rat so I cut the cable on the skids the way I thought they would work in the line, put on a different set of chains and got back into that dungeon that I had made home for the last four hours, and put the Root Rat in the line. I could tell by the sound I was hearing that something was different than the night before. I put my camera in the line and went to the first mass of roots. I backed the camera up behind the Root Rat and hit my jetter pedal and away she went. I pulled up right behind the Root Rat with the camera and started seeing big chunks of roots floating past. I pushed ahead and inspected where the spot of roots was with the camera, they were totally gone. I went through the whole 100 feet of line and every joint had roots. I cleaned that line better than I have ever cleaned a sewer line in 14 years being in the drain cleaning business. MAN WHAT A TOOL!!! I was laughing like a little kid watching those roots fly by my camera. I think the homeowner must of thought those four hours had gotten to my head. I was laughing so hard. I recommend the Root Rat to all Drain Technicians and give you the gentleman Kudos for a fine tool. I will never ever clean a sewer line the traditional way again. The Root Rat gets a gold medal in my books. Thank you very much!

Best Regards to You and Your Crew,
Kevin Wright
A Mile Hi Sewer and Drain LLC

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