3/4" and 1" Root Rat

$1,995.00 each


The 1" Root Rat is the most versatile and compact root cutter available.  Only 4 inches in length and 3.5 inches wide, it can make the tight bends in piper where other nozzles cannot.  Replaceable insert jets allow the Root Rat to be sized to machines as low as 30 gpm and to machines as high as 200 gpm.  Pressures from 1300 psi to 10,000 psi.  The nozzle comes with two interchangeable heads, one with chain and the other cable.  Two types of chain, both roller and link chain, can be used.  The front of the heads are tapped for attaching front cutting devices like the hole or other angle cutting items.  The RR nozzle is lightweight at only 6 lbs verses other nozzles weighing 50 lbs or more.  The Root Rat is easy to start into a sewer line because you do not have to climb down into a manhole to start like heavier and larger nozzles.  The lighter weight allows the nozzle to pull itself longer distances than conventional root cutters.  The high rotational speed the Root Rat attains helps to flail roots much like a weed eater.  the spin speed gives the Root Rat very high torque and allows it to eat through roots faster than other nozzles, which save water, man-hours and fuel.

The Root Rat is made of high quality stainless steel and it is heat treated to 50 Rockwell in hardness for longer life.  The Root Rat is easy to service in the field.  Remove the lock nut and you have only four components; the end cap, thrust bearing, rotor and stem.  Easy to clean and service.  Cuts out expensive returns for repair or rebuilding, no gears or seals to worry about.  The patented Root Rat is innovated simple design to give the Root Rat superior sewer cleaning results and ease of use.


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