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    The Root Rat ® nozzle is the most versatile and compact root cutter available. The Root Rat can make the tight bends in pipes where others cannot. Two interchangeable rotor heads allow for easy change from less aggressive cleaning using the cable rotor to the most aggressive using the chain rotor. Read More
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    Chempure Products Corp has been serving the industrial cleaning industry since 1981 and is looking forward to meeting your needs! Chempure's main goal is to assist independent contractors in building successful cleaning businesses. We supply materials for many cleaning applications.

    Chempure manufactures a patented drain cleaning nozzle called the RootRat ®
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    I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what an awesome tool the Root Rat is. I was in a crawl space with little room to work. I could not get a sewer machine in there to clean the line. I was by myself and there was no safe way to get at the line. I had the Root Rat... Read More
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Root Rat Demonstration

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The Root Rats are available in hose sizes for of 3/8 inch, ½ inch, ¾ inch and 1 inch. The nozzles are manufactured here in the USA of very high quality stainless steel and hardened for longer life.


3/4" and 1" Root Rats

35 to 200 GPM
1500 to 6000 PSI
Diameter:  3.5"    Length"  4"
Weight:   6 LBS


1/2" Root Rat

7 to 35 GPM
1500 to 10000 PSI
Length: 3.75"   Width:  2"
Weight:  1.5 LBS


3/8" Root Rats

3 to 12 GPM
2000 to 7500 PSI
2" Long and 1" Diameter
Weight:  8 oz.



"The Root Rat is the easiest and most versatile root cutter nozzle I have ever used.  The Root Rat works where other nozzles fail."

Tim Jones, Owner of Eastern Sewer Jetting


Superior Performance

"I specialize in root extraction and own 2 sizes of Root Rats and have found them to be superior in performance.  I am happy to recommend the Root Rats to anyone who cleans drains."

Jeff, Jasco Inc


Great Product

"I bought the 3/8" Root Rat combo kit to use on my 4 gal at 3000 psi jetter. I cleaned out 100 feet of roots in a drain.  WOW what a nozzle!  Thanks to you and your company for a great product."

K.W., Mile High S&D Co.

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